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Encouragement Greeting Cards

This assortment of Encouragement greeting cards are a gathering of uplifting, inspiritment allowing you to reflect the light of God's love in everyday, ordinary circumstances for a boost of confidence, uplifting support, just to say "Hi", or "I'm here", giving reassurance to someone you care about.

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Your generous spirit is a heavenly gift. God Bless You!
Each beautiful day greets us with a new beginning... because of You O Lord!
May each new day bring joyful new beginnings. Blessings To You!
Treasure the gift that each day holds. Blessings To You!
God fill your heart with the sunshine that you share with others. You Are A Blessing!
Life is a gift to be opened a little bit each day, as God reveals it to us. God Bless You!
In all the special ways that thoughts and wishes are expressed, May God bless and keep you and give you peace and rest.
May your days be filled with sunshine, And may life bear for you it's sweetest flowers. God Bless You!
This wish is sent to you with gratitude and prayer, that God will bless you always and keep you in His care.
Today just seems the perfect time to drop a line and say, I thought about you lovingly and sent a prayer your way.God Bless You!
God bless you with His strength for courage and perseverance.
God bless you with the peace of resting in His good and perfect will.
...and praying God will care for you 'til we meet again. Many Blessings! send a prayer your way. Bless Your Heart!
...your sunny countenance touches the hearts of those around you. God Bless You!
God bless you with peaceful days and a contented heart.
...and sending warm thoughts your way. Blessings To You!
The gift of Love is a treasure to be shared. Blessings to You!
The Lord be with You!
You are a bright spot in my day. God Bless You!
On our journey through life... He is the way. God Bless You!
God's blessings are blossoms of the heart!
Thinking of you puts a song in my heart!
Those who touch the heart of His people... touch the heart of God.

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“For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts... ”  2 Corinthians 4:6

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