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Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

This plentiful portfolio of Thanksgiving greeting cards is clothed in timeless images to express a warmth of hearth & home that infuses the recipient with feelings of abundance, joy and cozy comfort, giving thanks to God as the source of all bounty.

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God bless you with an abundant harvest of goodness. Thanksgiving Blessings!
May the rich blessing of God's peace overflow in your life. Thanksgiving Blessings!
May golden days be thine, and the light of God's love shine upon you. Thanksgiving Blessings!
Even as our forefathers were thankful for this day, We are grateful also for Providence that lights our way. Thanksgiving Blessings! God pours His abundant blessings over us. Thanksgiving Blessings!
Thanks be to God that we're able To enjoy what is put on the table. Thanksgiving Blessings!
God bless you with love and the gentleness that flows from it. Thanksgiving Blessings!
God bless you with joy and the goodness that springs from it. Thanksgiving Blessings!
God bless you with peace and the contentment that comes with it. Thanksgiving Blessings!
God bless you with faith and the strength that He gives with it. Thanksgiving Blessings!
Wishing you a peaceful heart on this blessed Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Blessings!
God bless you with sustanance and provide for you with His bountiful goodness. Thanksgiving Blessings!
God richly bless you with hope in your life, and light in your days. Thanksgiving Blessings!
More precious than riches or gold... the gifts of God's handiwork. Thanksgiving Blessings!
May God's blessings overflow with His abundant love. Thanksgiving Blessings!

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“For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts... ”  2 Corinthians 4:6

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